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Hail Holy Guide Of Youthful Days

Tune: ????
Verses: 3
Introduction: Last Line
Key: E Flat High: E Flat Low: D

Hail! Holy guide of youthful days,
To thee we sing our song of praise,
And gather round Thy shrine.
Thou art no seer nor rev'rend sage,
But brightest flow'rs of early age
Thy radient brows entwine.

Full like some rose or lily fair,
That fill'd with sweets the morning air,
But died ere ev'ning's gloom;
To us the percious gift bequeath,
That we as thou to heav'n mey breathe
The fragrance of our bloom.

Like seraph in the courts above,
All fainting with excess of love,
Thy soul did pass away,
Oh share with us thy loving heart,
And choosing still the better part,
Let us love God always.

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