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Thou Who Hero-Like Hast Striven
By A. T. Drane

Tune: ????
Verses: 4
Introduction: Last Line
Key: B Flat High: E Flat Low: F

Thou who, herolike hast striven
For the cause of God and heaven,
Dominic, whose life was given
Sinners to recall
Saint of high and dauntless spirit,
By thy vast unmeasured merit,
By thy name which we inherit,
Hear us when we call,
Hear us when we call.

Flower of chastity, the fairest
Of her lily-buds thou bearest
Snow-white as the robe thou wearest,
Gift from hands divine.
With thy brow of starry splendour,
With thine eyes so mild and tender,
Mary's client, truth's defender,
To our pray'rs incline,
To our pray'rs incline.

Great Apostle, ever claiming
Souls for Jesus by the naming
Mary and her Son, proclaiming
Mysteries of faith.
Still, O Dominic, the preaching
Of those chidlike beads is reaching
Childlike hearts, all sweetly teaching
Christ's own life and death,
Christ's own life and death.

With those Ave', first and plainest
Of the Church's prayers, thou rainest
Blessings on the earth, ande gainest
Souls whom Jesus made.
Loving father, at thy station
Of seraphic contemplation,
In each hour of dark temptation,
Give thy saving aid,
Give thy saving aid.

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